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Local Healing Services
14 Feb 2007

In October 2006 I was given the responsibility of organizing some monthly Church healing services in my village, which I was delighted about as healing is still a subject which I am fascinated by and passionate about. The first 3 services were so successful that we have decided to continue them indefinitely. I have been leading the worship at these services and Liesl Alexander (who's ministry featured strongly in my own healing) agreed to be a guest speaker for the first 4. Liesl has been an exciting person to have involved in these services, as whenever she's around and prays for the sick, you always hear testimonies of healing in the days afterwards.

Liesl will be speaking for the last time at our next healing service (Fri 23rd Feb '07) and then we have Jennifer Rees Larcombe coming as a guest speaker for our March service (Fri 30th). Jennifer had an amazing experience of God's healing power after suffering with serious illness for 8 years and now has a wonderful healing ministry, so I'm sure her visit to Linton will also be very exciting.


13 Feb 2007

On July 8th 2006 I got engaged to my girlfriend Louise (God is good!). Louise and I started seeing each other in February '05 and our relationship has been a very important factor in my recovery from long-term illness (time and love are two of the greatest healers). Louise has been employed as the youth worker for Linton's 3 Churches since September '04 and I believe that we get on so well together because we are both passionate about the Christian faith and both have very similar hopes and dreams for the future.



Church Work
12 Feb 2007

My work within my local Church (Linton URC, nr Cambridge) has continued to be a huge part of my life. My passion for music has been widely used within the Church worship group and also used for leading various different projects associated with the Churches youth work.


Being engaged to the Linton Churches Together youth worker means that I spend a fair amount of time helping with the youth work in Linton. My work is mainly to encourage the young people to use their musical gifts and talents in a Christian context and this has actually been very successful to date. Our local youth group, called Impact, has always been greatly blessed with many very musically talented young people and I get a great amount of satisfaction by creating different worship groups out of the musicians available. I usually lead whichever group I put together but just recently 6 girls from our youth group have put together their own worship band and they are fully able to lead themselves and I find this incredibly encouraging.


Adrian's Books
11 Feb 2007

I wrote the book Love Never Fails during the first 6 months of 2005 in the hope that it would encourage and bring hope to those suffering with serious illness and it certainly has been doing that ever since it's release in Nov '05 (so that's good news).


I released an audio version of Love Never Fails a few months ago and this has also been an encouragement to many, especially those who are simply too ill to read a book (as I was myself for many years).


My latest short audio book, The Christian Faith in a Nutshell, has also been a great help to many people who struggle to understand the Christian faith.


Praying for the Sick
9 Feb 2007

Many people have been in touch with me since the release of Love Never Fails to discuss, in more detail, any issues that my story has stirred up for them. I very often find myself in the difficult position of having to try and encourage people who are very, very ill that recovery is possible.


Praying for the sick is something that I'm very happy to do and something that I also feel very called to do (when you've felt God's healing in your own life, it tends to promote a lot of faith in you and you long to see others healed). Somebody recently told me that healing ministry is a very rocky road but it's a road that sometimes has the most wonderful views and I can really relate to that.


Praying for the sick brings a mixture of results and I don't profess to have the answers to some of those difficult questions surrounding this subject but I can certainly testify to seeing God's healing in my own life and also in the lives of others whom I've prayed for (or with), over the last few years. I have recently witnessed one of the most encouraging experiences so far in praying for the sick (Click here to read Annabel's Testimony).




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